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Edmonton's rope access professionals

Edmonton's Rope Access Window Cleaning Experts

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Environmentally Friendly
Extensive Safety Program


Stay sparkling all year round

Remain on top of your building's needs


Keep the lights on at any height

Non-lethal and environmentally friendly

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Advertise at any height

Remove the toughest dirt from your buildings

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We're Ready For Anything

With safety being the utmost priority we ensure every one of our rope access specialists undergoes an extensive IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) training program, as well as being a COR Safety Company. This ensures the entire team has all the necessary equipment and training to perform the work while keeping everyone safe. 


We guarantee every site has a minimum of two rope access specialists with at least one member of the team being the rope access supervisor. This helps ensure every team member knows his or her role incase of an emergency. All rope access sites will be assessed by a certified Level 2 or 3 IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) technician prior to performing any work. This allows us to guarantee the work being performed complies with OHS standards, IRATA safe work practices, as well as our own strict health and safety guidelines.


As an extra safety measure we do not perform work at heights without having our rescue kits attached directly to us. We train every rope access specialist to use these kits for self-rescue as well as team member rescue. We do not cut corners and do not put the public or our team at risk. All of our equipment is secured and regularly inspected to ensure the highest level of safety possible. We strive to be the local company you can depend on to provide you with peace of mind when we are on the job.

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